Smart Magnetic Plaster


Smart Magnetic Plaster is the USA’s number one high performance, commercial grade plaster which transforms any wall into a smooth and magnetic surface. It will transform your surface into the ultimate high performing magnetic area for collaboration and productivity.

Containing an incredible 75% magnetite, this is our strongest magnetically receptive product. It will hold 8 plus pages with one magnet and will remain magnetically receptive even when heavy materials are applied on top. The incredible magnetically receptive pull makes this product suitable when serious performance is required.

Smart Magnetic Plaster comes pre-mixed. Apply just like any standard plaster. When dry, top with paint, a digital print or wallcovering of your choice.

Unsure about the right product for your project? Send us a photo of your space or get in touch and we can suggest ideas and recommend product options so you can choose what will work best for you. Unsure about installation? We are here to help and advise you through the steps.

•  10 year product guarantee
•  Hold eight plus A4 pages with one magnet
•  Easy to apply – 2 coat application with simple application and video guide
•  Easy installation
•  Ready to use or paint over in just 24 hours
•  Environmental: Exceeds all USA standards-Low VOC, Solvent free & Isocyanates free
•  Suitable for commercial interiors
•  Does not interfere with WIFI or electronic signals
•  Volume discounts available