Product Combinations

Did you know you can layer our products to add more functionality to your surface?

Choose from any of the products listed below to see what products can be combined to create double and triple functionality surfaces. Choose from our pre-bundled Magnetic Whiteboard Paint Bundles combinations for a magnetic and dry erase surface or simply create your own.

To see a comparison of all of our whiteboard products, click here or see the image below.

To get a multi-functional surface with just one product, check out our double and triple functionality here.

Comparison Table

All products in the Smarter Surfaces range are tested and certified.
*These products must be used with neo-magnets or rare earth magnets
*Except white

Products in Action

Magnetic Plaster with
Whiteboard Wallpaper


Magnetic Plaster with
Whiteboard Paint


Magnetic Paint with
Whiteboard Paint


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